About me, and what I stand for

As a designer/ developer I focus on challenges by recognizing the areas that need improvement, analyze various alternatives, and proactively seek solutions with careful thought and consideration. For me, design goes far past the pure aesthetics. To truly be successful by effectively communicating to the audience, design should include a structure that considers form and function as well as usability.

Websites done with you in mind

Designing websites is much more then a pretty face. To thrive, a content driven website with usability in mind is the way to focus your objects into concrete solutions.

My unique skills offer a logical evaluation of the core intent of the product at hand, a feasible solution based on the technological implementation, and a user experience to ensure success.


Examples sites: TNS, Theme Development, Slogan Creation, Web Design, XHTML, CSS

Every design gets a full analysis of what your objectives are, who your audience is, and how to get the edge on your competition. This site layout is geared toward connecting with nurses on a human level, leaving behind the sterile typical user interfaces of job search engines. This site acts as a home environment encouraging users and members to personalize their space and be apart of a larger community, by adding their photos, stories, combined with a relaxed sketched scrapbook look.